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Sunday, April 27, 2008

African Daisy (Venidium Jaffa Ice)

Photo of African Daisy (Venidium Jaffa Ice): First Bloom

My first African Daisy (Venidium Jaffa Ice) bloom of the season! I planted a few venidium jaffa ice seeds in my succulent container to make the container appear fuller. The venidium jaffa ice foliage is "hairy" and has a frosted pale green tint. The seedlings resemble a hairy succulent until it shoots out its miniature sunflower-like blooms. My African Daisy is about 17-inches tall and has blooms that are about 2-inches wide across, but the seed packet says the plant can reach heights of up to 24-inches and have blooms as large as 4-inches wide across.

This African Daisy is an annual. I love annuals because they grow quickly and usually work well in containers. Although they only last one season, I can easily start them from seeds the following year.

Photo of White African Daisy (Venidium Jaffa Ice)

View of African Daisy's Double Row of Petals

1 comment:

Bethany said...

So pretty, and yr right about the folliage. Great idea with the succulents. I am growing these this year and they are just about to bloom. I'm so excited.