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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Propagating Succulents is Easy

Photo of Mature Black Aeonium and its new babies

My mature black aeonium sprouted baby aeoniums, and it's time for me to find these babies a new home. Propagating succulents is easy. I used a sharp pair of shears to cut the baby succulents from the mother plant. Then I removed the leaves from the base of the stem to expose about 2-inches of the stem.

Photo of Black Aeonium Cuttings

Then I dipped the tips of the stems in some inexpensive rooting hormone, and stuck the cuttings in the ground. I'm giving the succulent cuttings a good watering once every morning. So far everything looks good. I'll give you an update in a month or two.

Note: I have successfully propagated some succulents like jade and christmas cactus by skipping the rooting hormone and just sticking the cuttings in the ground. I chose to use the rooting hormone with the black aeoniums because I'm not sure how hardy black aeoniums are.

Photo of planted Black Aeonium cuttings

I tried this method with an aloe cutting I took a while ago. As you can see in the photo above, the aloe cutting has developed a beautiful root system.


Julie said...

Succulents are not only beautiful, but fun too!!! LOL. Love your aeonium plants.

Lina said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for the comment.
I've had my aeonium for several years now. I took a cutting from my mom's house and placed it in some regular potting soil. I live in California so we have hot, arid summers and have somewhat cold, wet winters. It did well under these conditions. My aeonium grew about 3 feet before it toppled over. I was away on vacation at the time and when I returned I discovered the plant's stalk was bent in a U-shape and several new pups were growing near the rosette. I haven't seen the aeonium flower yet, but I'll keep you posted. Good luck with your aeoniums! All of your succulents look gorgeous!