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Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet Blue, My Poison Dart Frog

Photo: Blue is hanging out in her bromeliad

I have a pet "poison" dart frog.  She's a beautiful, tiny little thing (~2" at her adult size) and she is actually not poisonous at all.  Dart frogs get their skin toxins from eating a diet of ants, termites, small beetles and other small insects found in leaf litter.  I only feed her a diet of flightless fruit flies or pin head crickets so she is harmless.  

People often think she is just a toy I stuck in my vivarium until they see her jump around.  Her vivid colors and small stature makes her surreal.   They do not require a lot of space so they would be perfect apartment pets.  They are also easy to take care of, make excellent display pets, and are a great conversation piece.  You will also have an opportunity to use your gardening skills to create a naturalistic vivarium for your frog to enjoy.     

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