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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Low-Maintenance Housewarming Gift

I returned to Home Depot to pick up one of these succulent collections as a housewarming present for one of my friends.  She is really busy so low-maintenance, drought tolerant succulents was a perfect match for her.

As I was walking to the register, a woman stopped to ask me where I got them from.  She loved them too, and she was surprised they were only about $20.  I am feeling good about my purchase.  I think my friend will love her housewarming gift!

Clean Up Stragglers and Stretch Your $$$
If you happen to get a collection that looks straggly or overgrown, take a sharp knife and cut back the stragglers, but do not throw away these cuttings.  You can turn these cuttings into new plants.  Succulents are easy to propagate.  I normally just stick them in ordinary potting soil and keep the soil warm and moist (but not soggy) until they sprout roots.  If you wish to take the safer route, allow a "scab" to develop over the end of the stem by allowing the cutting to dry out a bit, then dip the cutting in some Rooting Hormone before planting them in the dirt.  

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