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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Dinner Garden Gives Away Free Seeds

About The Dinner Garden
This organization's mission is to stop hunger in the United States.  They provide people in the U.S. with a packet of free seeds to start a vegetable garden of their own.  Their website also has information on battling pests, how to make inexpensive green houses, techniques on saving seeds, planting guides, recipes and more.

Free Dinner Garden Seed Packet
The Dinner Garden will mail you free seeds by filling out and submitting a request on their website.

This is a great cause, and any amount you wish to donate goes really far here.  For example, "$1.72 provides 10 different types of vegetable seeds for one family to grow a full garden."  That is a lot of bang for a couple of bucks.  Click here to discover the several ways you can support this cause.

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