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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Disinfecting and Reusing Old Planters

I save my transplant packs and plastic pots for future use.  Many of us do.  They are stackable, reusable, take up a small amount of space, and saves us money in our gardening budget.  However, when reusing old planters, I want to remind you to disinfect them prior to planting new seedlings.  If you do not, you may accidentally pass off disease to your new seedlings.

You can easily sanitize your pots by swirling them or dipping them in a disinfectant solution.  I use a 1:10 ratio of bleach to water solution.

How To Disinfect Old Planters

  • dishwashing gloves or rubber gloves 
  • shallow tub
  • sponge or small plastic bristle brush
  • dishwashing soap
  • bleach
  • water

  1. Protection. Put on your gloves.
  2. Scrub pots.  Scrub away dirt and crusted debris with a little soap, water and sponge or plastic bristle brush.  Empty out your tub.  
  3. Make Disinfectant Solution.  Pour 9 parts water into a shallow tub, and then mix in 1 part bleach into the water.       
  4. Disinfect Planters.  Sanitize your planters by swirling the planters in the disinfectant solution.  You can also use your sponge to get hard-to-reach areas.  
  5. Rinse and Dry.  Rinse your pots with clean water and allow them to dry.  Now you are ready to plant your new seeds! 

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