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Friday, April 22, 2011

Pitcher Plants from Lowes

Photo: Pitcher Plant in homemade self-watering greenhouse

Last week I purchased a pitcher plant (Sarracenia Purpurea) from Lowes for $4.48.  This plant is supposed to be hardy in my zone.  I intend for this pitcher plant to stay outside on top or near the outdoor dining table so that it can eventually trap mosquitos or flies.

I transplanted it into a makeshift self-watering, greenhouse made out of soda bottles and yarn.  The soil has to be consistently moist so I kept the pitcher moss in Sphagnum moss and planted it in garden soil and topped it off with more moss.  The yarn that I intertwined in the soil leads to the water chamber below and will wick up water when the plant needs it.  The water chamber below holds fish water from my pond.  I take the cover off during the day, and replace it in the evening.  It is doing really well in this set up.

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