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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Smart Savings on Magazine Subscriptions

Would you rather pay $10.99 per issue or $0.85 per issue?  I purchased a couple of magazines from the grocery store rack during my trip.  I needed something to keep me entertained during the flight back.  One of the magazines I purchased was by Southern Living.  It was a issue focusing on Backyard Retreats.  I purchased a single issue for $10.99, but after doing some research I learned how to get them for as little as $0.85 per issue.  All you have to do is use your free ebates account, and then use the additional coupon code SPRINGMAGS which gives you $5 off your purchase.  If you do not have an ebates account, you should sign up for one today by clicking here.  It is absolutely free, and it will save you lots of money in the future.  Although I used Southern Living as my example, you can apply the $5 discount and additional 26% off on other magazines.

Savings Break Down Using Southern Living Subscription as an Example:

A.  Purchasing 1 Issue at a Time at the Store:
1 issue at the store $10.99

B.  Purchasing 13 issues through and will cost:

13 issues at $19.95 + $5 off coupon using coupon code SPRINGMAGS + 26% EBATES Discount + Free Shipping = $11.06 for 13 issues, which breaks down to $0.85 per issue!

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