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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Danver Half Long Carrots

Photo: Danver's Half Long Carrots and Mixed Lettuce Leaf

I harvested a few Danver's half long carrots the other day.  They roasted beautifully in the oven next to the chicken, garlic and onions.  The carrots retained a lot of its flavor and texture throughout the roasting process.  

This is my first time planting carrots.  Having crumbly, garden soil and an automatic watering system makes it super easy to grow them.  I planted 16 carrot seeds per 1 square foot to maximize planting space.  I initially planted 2 square feet of carrots (i.e., 32 carrots) with the intention of reseeding 1 square foot at a time for a continuous supply of fresh carrots, but I am thinking about planting more.        

I chose Danver's half long carrots because I do not have a deep garden bed.  However, you can technically harvest carrots at anytime (i.e., from baby size to full length size).    

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