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Monday, November 14, 2011

Cover Those Gray Roots in a Pinch

Photo Credit: Everyday Goddess

So you are getting ready for a hot date or an important meeting, but as you are primping yourself in the mirror all you can see are those pesky gray hairs staring back at you reminding both you and the world that you are not that young anymore.  Well, here's a quick, inexpensive tip for covering up those gray hairs in a pinch.  All you need is eye shadow in the same shade as your hair color, an eye shadow brush, and if you wish some hairspray.


  • Eye Shadow in the same shade as your hair color.  I have dark brown/black hair, and I use Cover Girl  eye shadow in "brown smolder" #740.  It works great as a brow liner too.  Target only charges $0.49 shipping for this item, and it costs $2.98 before tax. 
  • Inexpensive or old Eye Shadow Brush. You can also get a complete set of brushes at for about $4 or individual brushes as low as $1.  Shipping is FREE.
  • Hairspray (optional).  I use a fine hairspray to give my roots a light spritz.  I allow it to get tacky, and then apply the power to my roots.  It's not necessary, but I think it makes the powder stick to my roots longer.    


  1. Style your hair as usual.
  2. If you want to use hairspray, give you roots a very light spritz of hairspray.  
  3. Dip your eye shadow brush in the eye shadow while you are waiting for the hairspray to get tacky.  This should only take a few seconds.  
  4. Then start covering your gray hairs with the powder.  I use small, short strokes...think stippling.  Avoid getting the powder on your scalp.  

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