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Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

Glamour ran an article called "31 Days of Giving."  The article gives readers 31 ways to give back to people.  You can read the online version at Donating to Charity: 31 Days of Giving by  The article inspired me to compile a list of ways to help our troops and their families in the spirit of Veteran's Day.

  • Send a teddy bear to the child of a deployed marine.  For $25, gives a plush toy with a voice message recorded by the parent, which will play when the paw is pressed.
  • Show your support for our troops. A donation to can aid a soldier’s physical—and emotional—recovery after deployment.
  • Support the troops with warm socks, deodorant, Cheez-Its: Find their wish lists at
  • Staying home for the holidays? Donate frequent-flier miles to injured soldiers’ families at
  • Buy a counseling session for a soldier returning home after serving in Iraq or Afghanistan with your $17 donation to

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