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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Asparagus Anyone?

Photo: Asparagus Jersey shoots started from seed

If you are lucky enough to have an apartment with an outdoor balcony, chances are your balcony is still not large enough to hold all the plants you want.  I used to stuff my old apartment patio with several plants in various containers, resulting in a chaotic and unattractive space.  I have learned to be more selective in what I grow.

I have turned my attention to decorative, edible plants.  Under the right conditions, asparagus could be a wonderful and unusual apartment gardening jewel.  These mass of spears would look wonderful in the right container, and it will also provide fresh asparagus for future meals.  You can grow ordinary green asparagus or sweeter purple passion asparagus.  It is a perennial so it will continue to grow back each year, spreading more and more.  The down side is that it requires full sun, is a heavy feeder, and if you start them from seed, it will take a few years to grow spears large enough for consumption.  

It is a lot easier to grow asparagus from crowns.  Our local Home Depot were selling asparagus crowns in early spring, which is the ideal time to plant them.  I like a challenge so I started mine from seed.  It is currently in a 4-inch pot, but I will eventually transplant it in a container about a foot deep and two feet wide.  


Table Top Fountains said...

I don't have the patience to grow them from seed, so bring on the crowns!! LOL

Lina said...

LOL. :)