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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weed Dating in Vermont

I came across this article on "weed dating," and I had to pass it on.  
What is weed dating?  It is basically speed dating with a practical purpose.  "Weed dating takes place on farms among rows of sprouting produce. Participants weed a row with a potential romantic interest, then move on to another row and another partner. At the end of the day, some people might have cultivated a mutual interest — and no matter, the field is freshly weeded."  The down side is that participants are charged $10 just for the "privilege" of weeding and meeting new people.    
Click Here for the Full Story .

I don't know if "weed dating" will gain popularity in other states, but you can still potentially make new connections and avoid paying a fee by volunteering for an organization or cause that you are interested in.  You may even get additional benefits for volunteering your time.  For example, volunteers for the University of California of Berkeley Botanical Gardens who volunteer at least 30 hours of their time can get free parking, shop discounts, and more.  

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