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Friday, February 11, 2011

Double Duty Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire

1.  Wall-Mount Photo Frame/Jewelry Armoire
Worthington Antique Walnut Photo Collage

Sick of the clutter on my dresser, I decided to chuck my eclectic collection of jewelry boxes and opt for a jewelry armoire.  I chose a wall-mount jewelry armoire that doubles as a photo frame, and I am very happy with my choice.  By utilizing my wall space, I freed up space on top of my dresser.  My jewelry is still organized, easily accessible, and neatly tucked away.

2.  Wall-Mount Mirror/Jewelry Armoire
SEI Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire with Mirror, Walnut

I have a friend who has a wall-mount mirror/jewelry armoire.  She loves it.  Her wall-mount armoire stores all of her jewelry, and she can easily try on her accessories in front of the mirror.

3.  Wall-Mount Photo Frame/Mirror/Jewelry Armoire
Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire with Photo Frame in Antique Black

Here is a wall-mount jewelry armoire that combines both photo frame and mirror. 

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