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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hanging Succulent Baskets

I saw these moss covered hanging baskets filled with an assortment of succulents at Home Depot.  I love that you can hang these planters on the walls.  You can bring plant life to your apartment or home without using up any precious outdoor floor space.

Our local Home Depot are selling them for $29.98 each.  This price is hard to beat if you had to purchase each component separately (i.e., individual plants, soil, moss, twine, and basket).  You could create a similar piece by filling a coco fiber lined wall basket planter or hanging basket planter with artfully arranged assortment of succulents. 


Prior to filling the basket, attach the moss to the basket exterior with twine or omit it all together if you prefer the look of coco fiber.

If you choose a deep basket, consider filling the bottom half of the basket with clay balls, ping pong balls or some other light, airy material.  Most succulents have shallow root systems, and this will prevent the basket from becoming to heavy.

Whether you are hanging your basket on the wall or from the ceiling, make sure that it is secured to the stud(s) instead of drywall.  

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