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Thursday, April 28, 2011

DIY Mother's Day Blooming Planter for Under $25

Photo: Blooming Planter full of Daffodils Created for Under $25

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 8th, 2011.  Instead of getting your mom a cut bouquet of flowers this year, give her a planter filled with blooming plants.  It is more personal, will last longer and provide her years of future enjoyment.  It is easy to do, and it can also be cheaper than purchasing them from a florist.  For example, a blooming planter of calla lillies costs about $50 to $90 at  You can recreate this gift and add some personal touches (e.g. bows, planters, etc.) for less than $25.  Just check your local gardening center to see what is blooming.  Freesias have a wonderful fragrance and were only $3.33 per potted plant at Home Depot.  Other great plant choices are calla lillies, lavender, gardenia, and miniature roses.  You can make the gift even more personal by planting them in one-of-the kind planters that speak to your mom's personality.  For example, if she loves tea, plant some miniature roses in a pretty ceramic teapot.  If she loves shopping, plant some flowers in a sturdy, fashionable purse.

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