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Friday, September 30, 2011

Korean Star Melon Surprise

Photo 1: Korean Star Melon

Photo 2: Korean Star Melon Seedlings. 

I threw scraps of Korean Star Melon into my worm compost bin weeks ago.  When I checked on my compost bin, I discovered the seeds had sprouted!  I transferred the seeds into my garden.  Let's see what happens.


Z said...

Hello, I've been trying to grow these korean melons as well and have been looking around for information in English but none so far.

How did your melons turn out?

Lina said...

Hi Z,

Last year the seedlings did not reach the flowering stage, but I believe it is because we were too far into the season. I have a new batch (also from the compost) that I put in the garden earlier this year so I will see how it goes. So far other melons I have planted are flowering. :)