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Monday, October 10, 2011

Reduce Your Magazine Clutter

Photo: Magazine Binder

If you subscribe to several magazines like I do, you know that those magazines can easily pile up.  Perhaps this would not be such a bad thing if you actually read those magazines again, but let's be honest --- we rarely do.  So let's tackle that clutter in a smart way.

How to Create a Magazine Binder

  • large 3-ring binder (Note: You could always upgrade to a larger binder later, but I like starting big)
  • dividers with tabs/labels
  • ordinary binder paper (college-ruled or wide ruled)
  • scissors
  • Elmer's school glue or glue stick (Note: I prefer using Elmer's school glue)
  • Stapler (for keeping multi-issue articles together)
  • High-quality 3-hole punch (optional)

  1. I use a binder for each major subject that interest me.  For example, I have a binder just for "Home & Garden" related issues.  Then I use dividers to divide the binder into subjects.  For example, I have a section on each room in a house, and the front and backyard.  
  2. As I read magazines, I tear out images or articles of interest and just glue them (or staple them if it is a multi-page article) to a piece of lined binder paper.  You can also use a three hole punch on full page articles.  Sometimes I jot quick notes next to the item or article.  Then I file the paper under the appropriate section.  
  3. After I am done reading the magazine, I am left with a magazine full of advertisements or articles that did not interest me so I just put it in the recycling bin.  

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