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Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Plant Supports for Less than a Quarter

Are you looking for cheap plant supports?  I picked up some fence stays for only 18 cents each at Home Depot.  Then I unravelled them and shaped them to create plant supports for my peas.  When shaped into arches, they are sturdy enough to support light, trailing plants like peas.

I created several arches out of fence stays.  The whole project cost less than $2, and took less than 20 minutes of my time.  The peas will grow along the archway, and red giant mustard greens and spinach will grow beneath the archway.

Photo of Fence Stays Converted to Plant Supports 2012
Fence stays transformed into plant supports

Photo of Fence Stays 2012
Fence Stays

Photo of Peas Growing on Fence Stay 2012
Peas growing on fence stay support

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