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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spittle Bugs Are Hatching

Photo: Spittle bug hiding in "foam" or "spittle"
Photo: Spittle bug hiding in "foam" or "spittle"

Foam or a spittle-like substance has appeared on my strawberries, kohlrabi, fennel, parsley, chamomile, African daisies and calendula, which means the spittle bugs (also known as froghoppers) have hatched.
In its earlier stage, spittle bugs take in the sap from plants and secrete bubbles from its other end to cover itself.  This layer of bubbles provide protection from predators.

Although spittle bugs do feed from the sap of plants, the amount of damage is minimal.  Therefore, insecticide is not necessary when there is only a moderate infestation.  Instead I have been dislodging the "foam" and the spittle bug by spraying the affected plants with a strong jet of water from the hose.  Without its protection of foam, the spittle bug will be exposed to natural  predators and the elements.

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