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Monday, October 8, 2012

Woolly Aphids Attacking Apple Tree

Photo: Woolly Aphids on Apple Tree

Photo: Crushed Woolly Aphids on a Napkin

I noticed something that initially appeared to be white fungus on my apple tree.  However, upon closer inspection, I discovered the white fungus was actually woolly aphids!  

Woolly aphids are aphids that feed on the sap of a plant and secrete a substance that resembles white cotton or wool.  Symptoms of feeding may include twisted and curled leaves, yellowed foliage, poor plant growth, low plant vigor, and branch dieback.

I pruned back what I could to slow down the aphid growth, and I will try out a recipe for homemade insecticidal soap on the remaining aphids.  If it ends up being effective, I will share the recipe in a later post.   

Note: To determine whether you have woolly aphids on your tree, all you have to do is rub the white substance.  If a purple stain appears, then you have a woolly aphid problem on your hands; not fungus.  

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