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Monday, August 25, 2014

Water Bottle Drip System

I cut back on watering my garden due to California's drought, and my plants have been suffering for it.  In an attempt to be even more water-wise, I recently installed a make-shift water drip system.  

I made a single 1/16-inch hole on the bottom of an empty Organics plastic soda bottle and buried it right-side up in the ground next to a plant.  After filling the bottle with water, I replaced the cap and close it tightly.  Using a funnel makes refilling these bottles a quick and easy task. 

I can go days without refilling these bottles.  And by delivering water directly to the roots, I am minimizing water that is  lost by evaporation. 

1 comment:

Jenson said...

I would think that the somewhat compact drip type makes more efficiency drip irrigation system. It can effectively cut down retained water in the system and make a lesser refilling time by means of significantly less redundant water on sloppy landscapes and not sufficient water to wet the lower field.